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European Parliament did not get the British wakeup call and plans to communitize social policies

Despite the Brexit, the European Parliament is still on its way of creating an “ever-closer Union”. The objection of the EPP Group did not stop the Parliament from proposing the Commission a paradigm shift aimed at putting more emphasis on income rather than work with the objective of guaranteeing a ‘citizen’s minimum income’. The Chairman of the SME Circle of the EPP Group Markus Pieper warns: “The left wing and the Greens try to sell us the idea of a ‘social union’ as the answer to the Brexit decision”. Therefore, Markus Pieper wonders: “Did the Left and the Greens seriously not get the wakeup call from the UK?”

In addition, the Commission is called upon to introduce proposals for a directive on maternity leave and initiatives on paternity leave. Minimum wages regulated on a European level are also part of the social package. Yet, these are areas in which the EU does not have any competencies. “Instead of communitizing more and more policy areas, the EU needs to focus on its core tasks in foreign and security policy and the internal market. Policies like these only lead to new chasms”, says MEP Pieper.

Mr Pieper concludes: “What we need now is to build trust amongst the Member States again. Therefore, we have to introduce national debt brakes and instantly assume more responsibility in the area of foreign and security policy. Further steps towards a social Europe are without any doubt premature.”

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