40 EPP Group MEPs stand up for SMEs affected by car emissions scandal

A group of more than 40 EPP Group MEPs are standing up for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) affected by the car emissions scandal. “75 percent of each car is made by SMEs and small suppliers, not by the brand who sells the car. SMEs must not suffer from the wrongdoings of some industry managers”, stressed Ivan Štefanec MEP and Markus Pieper MEP who lead this initiative by the SME Circle, a working group which checks new laws for their suitability for SMEs.

“50 percent of industry specific research and development is done by SMEs. They are highly innovative. We must not forget that Europe’s global competitiveness is at stake. The European automotive sector is key for SMEs. Automotive suppliers are shaping many European regions”, Štefanec stressed.

SMEs must not suffer from the wrongdoings of some industry managers. Ivan Štefanec MEP and Markus Pieper MEP

Pieper wants swift legal action against the responsible managers. “A small group of leading managers and engineers has to be called to account without restrictions. The Volkswagen Group has to bear both criminal and financial consequences, not only for car owners, but also for the supplying SMEs”, Pieper said.

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