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European Builders Confederation: The Voice of Construction Crafts and SMEs in Europe

Small and medium-sized construction businesses believe there is much at stake in the next European legislative term. Five years of economic slowdown harshly damaged small builders, but the housing sector has big potential for the European economy. Today the European Builders Confederation organised a business breakfast to present the new MEPs with its roadmap on how to contribute to sustainable economic growth in Europe and overcome the crisis in the sector, as set out in the EBC Manifesto. More than ten MEPs, representatives from DG Enterprise and other associations participated in the breakfast and contributed to the debate.

MEP and SME Circle’s Chair Markus Pieper, hosting the breakfast, said “The SME Circle is committed to supporting SME policy, which produces tangible results for entrepreneurs. We will combine our efforts with those of Frans Timmermans for better regulation and enhanced application of the subsidiarity principle. SMEs need simplification first!”.

EBC President José Antonio Calvo Delgado opening the breakfast said “The European Union has now provided entrepreneurs with all the legislative tools they need. However, concrete actions have to follow. We are afraid ‘SMEs’ will remain merely a word policy-makers use with good intentions but no real engagement. In our Manifesto we call for the new European Parliament to use all the instruments it holds in its hands to develop a business-friendly environment where builders can get back to work”.

EBC Vice President Patrick Liébus concluded the meeting saying “Juncker’s 300 billion investment plan is a positive initiative but it won’t work without public investment. In the EBC Manifesto, we propose concrete measures to develop entrepreneurship, to ‘turn environmental challenges into opportunities’, to strive against unfair competition in the Internal Market and much more. As from 2015 – when I will officially take over the EBC presidency – I will work to make these priorities a reality”.

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